Introducing Delfy: An Ideal DeFi Protocol

Decentralized finance (commonly referred to as DeFi) refers to an ecosystem of financial applications that are built on top of blockchain networks. DeFi proves to mitigate most of the problems and insecurities associated with the traditional way of financing. With the daily growth of interest in DeFi, total migration to DeFi from traditional finance is imminent, in fact, the transition is happening faster than expected.

Just a year ago, when DeFi Pulse started publishing statistics on the monetary value locked in DeFi, the total amount was $276 million. Today, nearly $2 billion is locked in the DeFi market (2020)

As beneficial and disruptive as DeFi is, being a technology in its infancy, early adopters and other users have encountered some snags that cannot be ignored, especially regarding user experience.

Some of these problems border around users’ inability to get or use suitable DeFi protocols, diversity in the number of platforms to be used, geeky user interface, autocratic developers, and more. Most times, users need to make use of different protocols to satisfy their DeFi needs.

Delfy emerged to solve these problems. Delfy is a DeFi protocol built to serve you in all aspects of your finances in a decentralized method. An ecosystem that comprises protocols running on sophisticated smart contracts to serve all aspects of your financing, it removes the hurdles hindering you from effective and efficient usage of decentralized finance. With user-intuitive interface, and inclusive decentralized autonomous organization, you are sure to be in total control of your finances.

Delfy offers:

  • Delfy Swap, a decentralized exchange where you can swap your tokens easily, even without being a tech or blockchain savvy.
  • Delfy Lending and Borrowing, giving you a platform where you can borrow and/or lend your tokens, while generating income. Whether you’re borrowing or lending, you generate interest.
  • Delfy Farming and Staking, where you can stake tokens and LP tokens to generate income with the best APY.
  • Delfy also offers more products that are in development.

You can find out more about these offerings on the website.

Delfy is powered by DelfyGov, a token built on ethereum blockchain, which governs the affairs of the protocol. A perfectly crafted token-flow mechanism ensures the sustainability of the ecosystem.

The most interesting aspect is the governance. To absolutely decentralize Delfy ecosystem, a governance system is in place where all decisions are made by the community of users. A user in possession of DelfyGov is regarded as a member of the community, and such user can decide, or vote for or against any decision on the platform.
Find out more about the governance here.

In a bid to create an ideally decentralized finance, Delfy offers products that suit all your finances, while keeping you in control with the governance. Technically, you’re controlling the protocol. With easy-to-use platform and user-friendly interface, you only need to click buttons, under the hood, sophisticated smart contracts do all the works for you.

Find out more on the official website at

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Delfy Finance

Delfy Finance

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