Over the years, crypto /ICO/IFO/IDO investors otherwise known as presalers have had to rely on promises from developers to keep to their words about running or ensuring the success of a project after presale, thereby leaving the presale participants at risk to accept whatever conditions of risk that comes with their funds contributed/investments.

Most launchpads are designed to help developers raise funds after passing somewhat of a credibility test or not, these platforms still ignore presalers as they are basically more at risk, while the platforms are basically geared towards helping projects raise funds they require and charge high commission averaging 5–30% as fees. Thus practically getting paid to do so little.

We all know true decentralization is like the words of democracy which states “all power belongs to the people” indicating that the people, here in as presalers require to have a voice in whatever auction they partake, in as much as the smart contract can identify them as holders and as a participant in the auction. This is one of the major issues the Delfy Launchpad seeks to resolve.

Delfy Launchpad exists much more than just an auction platform but an ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain, and soon on Ethereum blockchain, to provide a platform to raise funds for projects worthy of presalers funds with a 1% service fee charge on the funds raised.

Delfy possesses a smart case function that releases total funds raised in batches of 20%, 40% and 60% within a 7 day period, should presalers make an intelligent discovery of a project considered to be fraudulent or signs of rug exist, the Delfy Launchpad smart contract can be queried with a case creation, upvote and passage, will deter such funds from going to the developers but to the exchange to buy back tokens and burn, or add as additional liquidity, or refund to presalers.

Delfy Launchpad seeks to build:

No Censorship: Delfy Launchpad is not controlled by anyone, therefore its an open-source platform for developers seeking to raise funds for their projects, therefore directly interacting with the Delfy smart contract, providing details about the project, presale period, expected ROI, token sale price, initial token liquidity to be released and reserve.

Bring True decentralization to both developers and Presalers : with developers directly interacting with Delfy platform to perform presale, presalers can as well interact with Delfy platform to create a case should they figure if there is a rug in place or the developers are scams.

Ensure liquidity provision: The smart contract is smart enough to calculate the funds to be released with the initial liquidity relative to the ROI in place for the project.

With further development down in the pipeline, Delfy seeks to outperform other currently existing Launchpad and become the number one Launchpad for crypto assets.




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